Ultimate Replenishing Crème

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  • Lavishly textured and rich in emollients, this deeply replenishing crème for dry, dehydrated skin quickly restores moisture, comfort and suppleness.  Vital antioxidants, nurturing oils and powerful peptides help support skin resilience to defend against environmental assaults and visible ageing changes.  Supports collagen for improved firmness and a youthful, luminous appearance.

    Ideal for: Normal/Dry, Dry, Very Dry and Sensitive Skins.

     50ml / View Ingredients


Key Ingredients


Marine Firming Peptides, Intensely hydrates skin and helps re-build collagen to improve firmness.
Squalene, A moisture source known for its healing properties, found in human sebum and plant ingredients from wheat germ oil and olive leaf extract.
Wheat Germ Oil, Used in its organic state as the richest and purest form of vitamin E, it helps protect against environmental free radicals.
Glycerin, With humectant and emollient properties, it attracts and seals in moisture from the environment.



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