Glyco Micro-Peel Gel

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Glyco Micro-Peel Gel contains 10% medical-grade Glycolic Acid and hydrating firming peptides to improve the overall appearance of skin ageing.

Clinical studies have shown that medical-grade Glycolic Acid is up to 60% better at increasing cell renewal supporting collagen production for improved firmness. It reduces wrinkle depth, pigmentation and blemishes while gently dissolving unwanted dead skin cells for better product absorption.

This exfoliating acid complex also contains botanicals to calm inflammation and provide soothing benefits, minimising the stimulating effects often associated with high percentage/low pH Glycolic Acid.


  • Low pH for effective exfoliation
    Gently removes unwanted dead skin cell build up
    Improves texture and skin tone
    Stimulates collagen production for increased firmness
    Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    Can be rinsed-off or left on for maximum strength
    Helps clear acne breakouts and prevents new blemishes
    Decongests pores
    Granular-free and nonabrasive


All except Sensitive or Rosacea
Liquid Gel
Clinical 50ml Airless Pump 210 Applications

 *Disclaimer: Longevity is calculated based on the minimum suggested usage as directed and will vary depending on the amount of product used per application and frequency of use. Information should be used as a guide only.


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