Glyco Rewards

Join our generous rewards program and earn
5% back on every purchase.

Gorgeous skin is a rewarding experience with Glyco
Earn Glyco reward points on every purchase and through a variety of ways to help boost your points balance

Earn Points

New Members

100 welcome points
upon joining

Glyco Purchases

Earn 5 reward points
for every $1 spend
(Equivalent to 5% back)

Product Reviews

100 points
per review
(capped at 3 per month)

Celebrate Birthday

200 bonus points
on your birthday

Like us on Facebook

50 points
like our page /glycoskincare
(once per membership)

Follow us on Instagram

50 points
follow @glycoskincare
(once per membership)
Membership Tiers

Safety Switch
New members

5 Points per $1 spend
Equal to 5% back on every

Sign up
100 Bonus Points
Compact Handle
$500 annual spend

5 Points per $1 spend
Equal to 5% back on every

Tier Achievement
300 Bonus Points

Exclusive Offers
Special promotions reserved exclusively for Gold and Platinum members

Non-slip Handle
$1200 annual spend

5 Points per $1 spend
Equal to 5% back on every purchase

Tier Achievement
500 Bonus Points

Exclusive Offers
Special promotions reserved exclusively for Gold and Platinum members

Shipping Upgrade
Complimentary shipping upgrade to Express service for all orders
Reward points convert to valuable Glyco dollars
Accumulate your reward points and then redeem them for Glyco Dollars to use towards a future order

Spend Points

$5 Glyco Dollars

500 points

$10 Glyco Dollars

1000 points

$15 Glyco Dollars

1500 points

$20 Glyco Dollars

2000 points

$25 Glyco Dollars

2500 points

$30 Glyco Dollars

3000 points

Refer a friend

They Get
$20 Glyco Dollars

towards their first purchase

You Get
$20 Glyco Dollars

towards your next purchase
Refer a friend invitations must be initiated through the Rewards launcher panel (bottom left on our website) while logged into your member account. Glyco dollars are made available to the recipient immediately by email. The referrer receives their Glyco dollars after the recipient places their first order.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join Glyco Rewards?

Membership to Glyco Rewards is complimentary, join here.

How do I check if I'm already a Glyco Rewards member?

If you created a Glyco account on our website then you're automatically a Glyco Rewards member. You can check your rewards account by signing into your account and clicking on the Glyco Rewards launcher (bottom left).

I'm already a rewards member, do I need to sign up to the new rewards program?

No, existing members of our rewards program will automatically be transferred across to our new tiered rewards program. You can expect to receive an email confirming your new membership tier.

Are there limits on how many points I can earn?

There is no limit to the number of points a member can earn for Glyco purchases. Reward points earned for 'actions' such as joining Glyco Rewards as a new member, writing product reviews, birthdays etc. are capped as outlined in the Earn Points section above.

How do I achieve Gold or Platinum status?

Your membership is automatically upgraded to the next tier when the minimum qualifying spend for each tier is met within a calendar year.  You will retain this status from when it is awarded to you and until the end of the following year. For example, if you achieve Gold in February of this year, you will retain Gold status until the end of next year. You will of course be awarded to the next tier level as soon as you meet the qualifying annual spend.

Will I lose my membership tier if I don't spend the required amount each year?

To maintain your current membership tier, the qualifying spend amount for that tier must be achieved within the calendar year otherwise your membership will be downgraded to the lower tier.

When are membership tiers assessed?

Membership tiers are assessed close of business on the 31st of December each year. The qualifying period is annually between 01 January to 31 December, however a higher tier is awarded as soon as members reach the qualifying spend for the higher tier. Members retain the newly achieved tier until 31 December the following year, during which time the annual spend for this tier must be met to avoid being downgraded to a lower tier.

When did the new rewards program launch?

07 July 2020

Do reward points expire?

Yes. Glyco Reward points expire one year after reward points have been earned.  Members will receive a reminder email 30 days prior to any points that are due to expire.

I've redeemed a reward, does it expire?

Yes. When reward points have been exchanged for a reward, members have six months to claim the reward.

My question is not listed

Please email your question to and we will get back to you shortly.

Rewards program terms and conditions

Glyco Rewards terms and conditions is available here.