GLYCO is an Australian owned company that is committed to producing state-of-the-art, high performance skincare.

Founded by Darren Clark and formulated in collaboration with a world leading dermatologist, GLYCO combines the best of nature and the latest in cosmeceutical science to bring you the ultimate in age defying skincare. Our high quality medical-grade formulas provide exceptional anti-inflammatory benefits to protect and strengthen the skin’s eco system allowing for remarkable results without irritation.

Clinically tested with proven-effective results, GLYCO is the new benchmark in cutting edge skincare. All of our products are formulated without parabens - only the best from science and nature without any animal testing whatsoever.

Welcome to POWERCEUTICALS® by GLYCO, a new era of high performance anti-ageing skincare where results are at the forefront of everything we do.

Discover a younger looking you today.


Darren’s insatiable skincare curiosity started at the age of 17, when he purchased a range of expensive products that promised miraculous results. He quickly learned that the cosmetics industry was over-hyped, with disappointing formulations that under-delivered on their promises.

Darren spent years travelling the world, spending thousands on skincare products in an attempt to find what he had been seeking. By then his curiosity had morphed into an obsession. How, he wondered, could companies demand so much money for products that produced such little results? Darren quit his jet-setting corporate career, completed formal beauty training and established one of Australia’s leading online beauty stores.

Eight years later, his business at its peak with over 70 global brands, Darren decided to sell so he could finally pursue his true calling: to create high quality products that deliver exceptional results.

Darren sought out an esteemed skincare formulator in the United States who assisted with research and development based on his strict requirements. Two years later, Glyco was born. Glyco products are made from highly concentrated, medical grade ingredients that are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of ageing. Since Glyco’s launch, Darren has been inundated with emails from customers who are exhilarated with their results. Women have written to tell him that they no longer need to consider injectables. One woman wrote a heartfelt email, explaining that she had stopped looking at her reflection because she hated what she saw. Now, a couple of months after using Glyco products, she is delighted with what she sees in the mirror.

Darren understands his customers pain points because he has lived in their skin. This is why he’s made it his life mission to provide genuine solutions to their skincare needs.

Darren believes that there are no miracles in the beauty industry and savvy customers know this. What people want from a skincare brand is transparency and unexaggerated claims. Darren created Glyco with one primary goal: to make a positive change to people’s lives through honest, well formulated skincare.


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