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Now that the holiday season has wound down, and we have a long hot summer in front of us, it’s the perfect time to shake up your skincare game with Glyco Skincare’s medical grade products and take control of your skin’s future, today.

#bestpracticeskincare means using effective skincare products with clinically proven actives and complimentary botanicals, with a few simple lifestyle changes for the best skin of your life!


If you have been getting to bed late and sleeping in your makeup, getting back into the pre-bed routine of makeup removal and skin cleansing is an incredibly important step to achieving your goal skin, as those late nights may have resulted in your skin breaking out or looking dull, splotchy and dehydrated.

Our Active Renewal Cleanser with 2% Salicylic acid, (a Beta Hydroxy Acid) cleanser vacuums dead skin cells from pores preventing new pimples forming and Coconut Oil which also provides gentle exfoliation, this combination will help take care of breakouts from late nights, irregular cleansing, sweating and alcohol consumption and moisturise, leaving skin soft after rinsing.

Everyone loves chemical exfoliants, but we also love the old-school manual exfoliators too! Rest assured there is no microbeads in our Micro D Intensive - Marine Skin Refiner, we use Diatomaceous earth with botanicals, that is so addictive to use you will want to use it daily! This skin refiner is perfect to prepare your skin to receive all the active ingredients and soothing botanicals contained in our products. It’s the ultimate in skin prep!

Daily Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

The heat of summer and the potential to be sunburned cause premature ageing and the risk of skin cancer, so wearing SPF 15 + or higher is a necessity. Having actives Retinol, Glycolic acid and Vitamin C as part of your skincare regime, aim to undo the premature ageing damage that the sun, our environment, ozone, smoke and pollution cause daily.

Glyco recommends our Cellular Defence Day Crème SPF 15 – a chemical free SPF, makeup primer, tinted moisturiser with peptides and antioxidant ingredients all wrapped up in one pump action opaque bottle, will help combat free radicals and photo ageing from sun exposure and pollutants in our environment giving you fresh rejuvenated skin every day.

Restful Sleep

We believe in getting adequate amounts of sleep as we all feel better when we have had a good night’s rest! If we have sleep complaints, then you are sure to have skin complaints too. Not getting the hours of rest in can result in dry skin as the body recalibrates its hydration levels when we are sleeping which in turn keeps skin moisturised and allows skin to look less wrinkled. Missed sleep is interpreted by the body as being a stressful event and reacts by releasing cortisol, the stress hormone, which causes inflammation in the body depleting proteins in the skin creating a dull, blotchy and ashen complexion. Stress also damages the quality of the collagen your body produces which creates sagging, lack of elasticity and fine lines and wrinkles form easily.

While you are sleeping, help your skin along by using our Age Repair Retinol Booster serum in conjunction with our award-winning Ultimate Peptide Firming Crème or any of our advanced moisturiser formulas to really make the most of your bodies rest time. Nothing like beauty sleep!

Clinically proven active ingredients and botanicals

We believe in using clinically proven active ingredients which means using Glycolic Acid, Retinol and Vitamin C coupled with other highly effective antioxidant ingredients in our formulas. We thoughtfully pair these with specific botanical extracts that are also proven to be ideal skin care ingredients for soothing, hydrating, moisturising, and providing anti-inflammatory relief to create well rounded formulas. Some of those botanicals featured are Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Lavender, Vitamin E and more which complement and help to buffer some of the active ingredients tingling effects that actives such as glycolic acid possess, when applied to the skin to minimise discomfort.

Cutting down on excess sugar intake

The holiday season is filled with sugary treats but these refined sugars have a negative effect on the body in general, and when it comes to the skin and its structures, refined sugar bonds with proteins in our skin cells, a process called glycation which releases free radicals that attack and harden collagen and elastin, the skin’s key structural elements, as well as prevent new collagen proteins being created leading to sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Any of our glycolic products will support collagen production and improve your skin tone and dissolve dead skin cells. We have a variety of different formulations to suit you from pre-soaked pads, gel peel, cremes and a liquid solution.

Cutting down on cigarettes and alcohol

Smoking causes Vitamin C and other essential nutrients in your skin to be depleted from your skin cells and disrupts the oxygen and blood flow which causes a dull, discoloured and dry complexion.

Alcohol causes dehydration to your body and skin, over time this depletes your skin and bodies vitamin and nutrient stores. With sneaky cigarettes and more parties and events during the holiday season its very possible your skin will reflect these activities. The good news is you can restore your skin to even better condition than before with our Advanced Cellular Repair Serum, this serum can assist your skin in combating these negative effects and give you clear, glowing luminous skin, its packed to the brim with Vitamin C, the ultimate anti-pollutant product to destroy free radicals in our environment and their negative impact on our skin and its appearance.

Bonus Step 1

Dark undereye circles – Whilst dark under eyes are hereditary, lack of sleep exacerbates this trait plus blood vessels dilate which cause that dark ringed appearance and because the body recalibrates its hydration levels during sleep your water balance will be disturbed and those circles will be darker, and the skin will be puffier. We can help assist those dark circles with 360° Eye Contour Crème with our airless pump bottle and see a real difference in luminosity, freshness and brightness.

Bonus Step 2

Neck cream - Our necks are merciless in exposing our real age and getting started as soon as possible on neck care will be something you will never regret! Applying our Tightening Neck Crème in long, rhythmic motions from the décolletage up to the ears slowly and deliberately twice a day, will result in highly improved tone, firmness, youthfulness and reduction in crepeiness in skin tissue.


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